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We get to know a lot of online shopping website scams these days. As you know that this is the age of computers and people do not want to go out to the market to purchase anything. A lot of scams are also springing up to swindle you. But, the question is, how can we know which website is scam and which is not? Alright! We have got some smart ways to judge the reality of any online shopping store. So, do not miss this article to find the answers of your questions about wrwear.

What is Wrwear.com?

Wrwear.com is an online shopping website where you can find a huge collection of women clothing and various ladies shoes. This website is also selling women fashion accessories and handbags. All the products can be achieved at a very reasonable price. After visiting this website, we can easily say that this website is created to meet the requirements of women. Anyhow men cannot purchase anything related to them.

Are you going to shop through wrwear?

If you are also the one who is attracted by the beauty of this website and is ready to purchase anything from this store at any cost, you will be at high risk of being swindled. We suggest you do not purchase anything from this store before getting enough knowledge about it.

After reading this article, you will be able to make the right decision.

·        Reasonable Price

Wrwear.com is selling all of its products at a very reasonable price. Mostly, scammers claim to sell things at very low price to dodge the people. But, the prices claimed by Wrwear.com are quite normal. So it is a good point of this website to judge its reality.

·        Age of the Website

It is easy to decide whether you are going to purchase through a genuine website or not by its age. Usually old websites are trusted websites and young websites are hardly to be trusted. So, if you go to whois.com and place wrwear.com at that website, you will find its registration date which is like this: 2020-04-08. It means this website is just 2 months old. Can you trust 2 months old website? Absolutely not! So it might be a scam.

·        Fake Social Media Icons

You will be shocked after hearing that such a huge online store uses fake social media icons. The icons of facebook, google+, instagram and YouTube do not work well. If you click anyone of these icons, you will find nothing but the homepage of these icons. No presence of wrwear.com will be found there. Why did it use fake icons and why is it hiding its presence in social media? You must think about it.

·        Wrong Phone Number

If you visit the contact us page of wrwear.com, you will find a contact number which is: (614) 975-1143. It is a wrong phone number. We have tried a lot to contact the owner via call but they do not answer any call of ours. It is absolutely a fake contact number.

·        Hidden Email Address

Just go to whois.com and search wrwear.com there. You will find that this website has hidden its real email address in the guise of domainsbyproxy. Why did it keep its email address secret? It is suspected to be a scam website.


We have searched Wrwear.com through a lot of resources and now we have come to the point that this website is absolutely a scam website. You must be aware of such fraudulent online stores.

So, do not forget our points before shopping anything online.

Best of luck!

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