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Jennifer McGee, Artist
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     Jennifer McGee works in acrylics, pastels, watercolors and other mixed media.  She began developing her skills as an intuitive artist while enrolled in a Fearless Painting adventure with Dirty Footprints Studio. Jennifer's paintings reflect her journey through life with vibrant color and vivid imagery. For stories about Jennifer's painting process, please visit her blog.
     Jennifer lives in the hills of Charleston, West Virginia. She loves to explore the world of art in her studio or on the deck in the sun with her three dogs at her side. Jennifer is also passionate about making time for Random Acts of Kindness or even Random Acts of Art.  Time is never wasted when it warms the heart of another.
     Inspiration comes to her through interacting with animals and nature, meditating, listening to music and reading. For relaxation, she may slip away to a cozy book store, warm up with a latte, and sketch in her journal.