23 Easy Ways for Kids to Make Money Fast!

Hey Kids! Wondering how to make money? Here is a list of 23 different ways to make money fast.In today’s world there is an enormous amount of opportunities for kids who wish to make money. They may be looking for some extra spending cash to supplement their allowance or looking for extra money in general for a major purchase. They may even want to start a business that they can cultivate into a life-long passion. Regardless of the objective, there are numerous ways to earn cash whether it is a short-term goal or a career. The first thing that you need to do is to sit down and decide exactly what it is that interests you. Make a list and really think about your passions and what you would like to spend your time doing. Remember that you will be much more successful and happier if you choose something that you enjoy doing. If you love what you do, the money will come.

 Remember: your income is only limited by your willingness to work and your creativity. Next, plan your time frame. Is this something that you want to make some quick cash with or is it something that you are in for the long haul? This is important because it will point you in the right direction- especially if you have more than one area of interest in mind. For instance, if you need money for a trip coming up in a few months then you have to ensure that your plan pays off in time. But if this is something that you can carry into the future, if you so choose, then you have the time to work it and build it to a comfortable level. You also want to make sure that you are not spreading yourself too thin. If your plan involves a lot of hours then ensure that you will have the proper amount of time to devote to it. You don’t want to start something that is going to get so big you won’t be able to handle it.

 Allow for growth, too, since you never know just how successful your venture will be. A very important note is marketing. No matter what job you choose you need business cards. There are places online that offer to make free cards for you. All you pay for is the shipping charges, which is very minimal. There are professional businesses that use these cards on a regular basis so they are good quality cards. This could be a great way to start out and keep your initial costs low. Always have business cards on you. You never know when you are going to run into a potential customer and when you do handing them a card will not only securing your name in their mind, but it shows that you are an organized and prepared business person who is ready when necessary.

 This is impressive and speaks volumes to clients. If you ever decide that you are ready to move onto something else then you have the opportunity to possibly “sell” off your business. Someone else that is looking to get into that line of work would be very appreciative to start out with a full client base and not have to go to through the struggles that you went through in order to build the business. You could offer to refer your customers to them for a percentage of their profits for a given period of time. It is a small amount of money for them to pay to be able to start up their business with paying customers. Last, you want to sit your parents down and inform them of your plans. They will need to know what to expect so there are no surprises. Who knows, they may even have some input that can help you. Once you have their support you are ready to implement your plan.


The following is a breakdown of some popular ideas for earning money. Your profit can be as little or as much as you wish. They are not broken down by gender but they are categorized according to those involving products and those where services are performed.

Kids! You Can Make money by selling PRODUCTS

 Make Money Selling Baked Goods

This is an excellent form of income that can be fun for those who have a knack for cooking. This is something that can be as complex or as simple as you wish. Some individuals opt for simply baking cookies of different varieties to sell. But for those who want to really make a mark in the sweet tooth community they can escalate things to include other items such as cakes, pies, or brownies. The best way to market this business is to take orders ahead of time so that you are not stuck with leftover inventory. Plus, this will allow you to plan your cooking ahead of time to maximize profits, as well as time. Once your name becomes known as the person who can provide treats word will quickly get out.

You can market your goods by printing custom stickers and attaching them to everything you deliver. Make sure that you have business cards to hand out, too. Also, do a little extra. If someone orders 25 cookies give him or her a few extra. A little generosity will go a long ways in future business. You can also gear your efforts towards different themes throughout the year. For instance, you could have an inventory of specific treats for certain times such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and the Fourth of July. These items would only be available for a limited time to give a sense of urgency in ordering.

Make Money with a Lemonade Stand

This is, by far, one of the all time favorites for kids just starting out. Of course, through the years the number of stands that you see is not as frequent as it once used to be, but during the hot summer months there is nothing quite like a glass of cool, refreshing homemade lemonade. The best way to make the most of this venture is location. Setting up at local ball games or sporting events is crucial and will make your sales explode.

You will need to ensure that there is no conflict of interest with vendors who have precedence at events, but once that is established you can clean up. In order to make this work, you will need to make and try your product out on others first. Lemonade can easily have a bad taste and then your efforts are wasted. Experiment for just the right formula and stick to that one plan. You can also add to your profits by offering some snack foods at the same time, such as cookies. Nothing goes with a glass of lemonade like a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

Make Money Marketing Goods Online

This is where the creative side of you comes in. This is strictly for those individuals who like to design and create from nothing and who can then peddle those wares online. There is no secret niche that you can move into, although the more creative and unique the idea- the better. Unless you focus on hard to find materials, you can probably buy most or all of the supplies needed for your projects at dollar stores. This will keep your operating costs low and increase your profits. There is no need to go to specialty stores and pay a premium price for materials. When you can get the same thing at a fraction of the price. That is just unnecessary money out of your pocket.

 Some ideas that have been successfully marketed are hand-made jewelry, custom picture frames, and, believe it or not, wallets made out of unique material such as duct tape. The more creative you are, the better your chances are at cornering the market. You could even peddle your goods in your own area by setting up a small booth at craft shows, festivals, parades, etc. The more exposure you can get- the better. And always have business cards available. Once you have your product, find a great domain name and build a site around it. There are numerous free sites available that almost anyone can put together with little or no computer experience. Then it will come down to manufacturing some examples, taking photos and displaying them online. Have business cards made and display your website on them. Go on forums and chat your product up as well as taking advantage of some of the free marketing that is also available online.

Make Money Selling Vegetable Plants

This is an idea that is only for those who like to work outdoors. It will involve a small plot of land that can be cultivated and transformed into a plant bed. There is a fair amount of work in the beginning, but after things take root, (no pun intended), the workload is very minimal. The reason that this is such a good area for income is due to the number of individuals who are growing their own gardens. The number is steadily increasing every year and will probably continue to increase for some time to come. Because of the pesticides and toxins being intentionally exposed to our food, many people want to have access to their own vegetables for obvious health reasons.

Add to that the number of food recalls for contamination and its apparent why consumers don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Plus, there is peace of mind in knowing exactly where your food comes from. There are countless sites online that give detailed information on setting up a plant bed and what is necessary to maintain it. It requires certain materials, some of which you might even have around your home or that you can have donated to you by others. The majority of your work will come with preparing the area. Make sure you have ample space for all of the different varieties of plants that you want to sell. The more selection you can offer the more business you can get. Once the plants reach minimal height you can sell them off individually for a tidy sum. If you need a guide for pricing simply go to a garden center and see what they sell their plants for. This will give you a guide as to what you can charge and still remain competitive. Before you star this project, it is best to calculate the amount of materials versus how many plants you would have to sell in order to make it worthwhile. If you live in an urban area then you might have a harder time making sales so this might not be the best use of your time.

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